Dubai flood : City sees over a year’s rain in a day; cars submerged, shops shut

Dubai flood

Dubai flood : Both Oman and the UAE, which hosted last year’s COP28 UN climate talks, have previously warned that global warming may lead to more flooding.

Dubai flood : Dubai just experienced a historic downpour! Here’s a detailed breakdown of the situation:

Unprecedented Rainfall:

  • Dubai witnessed a deluge on Tuesday, receiving more than a year’s worth of rain in a single day. This caused widespread flooding across the city.
  • Normally, Dubai receives around 3.73 inches of rain annually. But on this particular Tuesday, the rainfall exceeded 5.59 inches in just 24 hours. Dubai flood

Impact of the Floods:

  • Submerged Streets and Cars: Major highways and roads were flooded, making them impassable. Many vehicles were submerged in water, causing significant damage.
  • Airport Disruptions: Dubai International Airport, a major travel hub, wasn’t spared either. The airport faced delays and even diversions of incoming flights due to the weather conditions.
  • Business Shutdowns: Shops and malls were forced to close due to the flooding, disrupting normal business activity. Dubai flood

Response and Recovery:

  • Authorities’ Actions: Local authorities urged residents to stay indoors and issued warnings about the severe weather conditions. Emergency personnel were deployed to manage the situation.
  • Residents’ Struggles: Many residents faced challenges commuting due to the flooded streets. Dubai flood

Overall, this event highlights the vulnerability of even developed regions to extreme weather events. Dubai is typically known for its arid climate, making this heavy rainfall a rare and disruptive occurrence. Dubai flood

Dubai was hit by the unprecedented rain on April 16 that caused floods across the UAE and Bahrain and left 18 dead in Oman. According to reports, the desert city received over a year and a half’s worth of rain in one day. Dubai flood

Shopping centres Dubai Mall and Mall of the Emirates both suffered flooding. Water was ankle-deep in at least one Dubai Metro station, according to images posted on social media. One of the viral videos showed workers removing water from the Chanel and Fendi luxury stores inside a mall. Another video showed water crashing into the showroom of Danish variety store chain Flying Tiger. Dubai flood

The rains forced Dubai International Airport to suspend operations for 25 minutes. Schools were shut and the traffic came to a standstill. Dubai flood

Dubai receives 3.12 inches of rain per year on average, according to the World Meteorological Organisation. “Dubai is experiencing major flooding as 1.5 year’s worth of rain just fell in a single day. Nearly 5 inches (127 mm) fell in 24 hours,” climate scientist Colin McCarthy posted on his X account. Dubai flood

The Asian Champions League football semi-final between the UAE’s Al Ain and Saudi side Al Hilal, due to be hosted in Al Ain, was postponed for 24 hours because of the weather. Dubai flood

People posted images of cars being swept off roads and the ceiling of a shop collapsing as water inundated one of Dubai’s most popular malls. Police and emergency vehicles navigated through the waterlogged streets with emergency lights reflecting off the flooded areas. Even the iconic Burj Khalifa witnessed lightning strikes against its structure amid the chaotic weather. Dubai flood

Authorities were forced to deploy tanker trucks to pump out water from streets and highways.

Both Oman and the UAE, which hosted last year’s COP28 UN climate talks, have previously warned that global warming may lead to more flooding. Dubai flood

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