Fed decision : SNB surprise, Reddit IPO – what’s moving markets

Fed decision


Fed decision : The major headlines impacting markets today (Thursday, March 21st, 2024) are:

1. Surprise Fed Decision: Investors were expecting a quarter-point interest rate hike from the US Federal Reserve. However, in a surprise move, the Fed decided to KEEP RATES STEADY. This unexpected decision is causing a rally across global markets.

2. SNB Surprise: Adding to the unexpected theme, the Swiss National Bank (SNB) also surprised markets. Instead of following the Fed’s lead and keeping rates steady, the SNB actually RAISED RATES. This unexpected tightening could impact currency markets.

3. Reddit IPO Rumors: Social media platform Reddit is reportedly considering an Initial Public Offering (IPO). This potential new entrant could be sparking interest in the tech sector.

Market Impact:

  • The Fed’s decision to hold rates is the biggest driver of today’s market movement. This is seen as positive for stocks, leading to a bullish trend.
  • The SNB’s rate hike might cause some volatility, especially in the foreign exchange market.
  • The potential Reddit IPO could be adding to the positive sentiment in the tech sector.

Overall, today’s market is reacting positively to the surprise Fed decision. However, keep an eye on the SNB’s rate hike and any further developments regarding the Reddit IPO.

Fed Decision : Unexpected Hold Lifts Markets

The big surprise this week that’s impacting markets globally is the US Federal Reserve’s decision to hold interest rates steady.

  • The market was widely expecting a quarter-point hike, but the Fed opted to maintain the current 0.25% rate.
  • This unexpected decision has injected optimism into the markets, leading to a broad rally across most major indices.

Possible reasons for the Fed’s hold:

  • The Fed might be concerned about slowing economic growth and wants to avoid stifling it with higher rates.
  • Inflation might be showing signs of peaking, allowing the Fed to be more patient.

SNB Surprise: No Impact on Global Markets

The Swiss National Bank (SNB) also met this week, but their decision to maintain their current monetary policy had minimal impact on global markets.

  • Unlike the Fed, the SNB wasn’t expected to make any changes, so their decision wasn’t a surprise.

Reddit IPO: Still Speculation, No Market Movement Yet

There hasn’t been any official announcement regarding a Reddit IPO. While there have been rumors and discussions, it’s not a confirmed event yet.

  • As a result, there’s no direct impact on the markets currently.


  • The unexpected Fed decision to hold rates is the main driver of the current market rally.
  • The SNB’s decision had minimal impact, and there’s no confirmed news on a Reddit IPO yet.

It’s important to note that these are just some of the factors influencing markets. Other events and economic data also play a role.


Fed Decision, SNB Surprise, Reddit IPO: Decoding Market Movements

The market today (March 21st, 2024) is likely reacting to a confluence of events:

1. Fed Decision (Unexpected Hold):

  • The US Federal Reserve concluded its two-day policy meeting and surprisingly decided to maintain interest rates.
  • The market generally expected a quarter-point hike. This unexpected hold is seen as positive for stocks, leading to a rally.

2. SNB Surprise (No Rate Hike):

  • The Swiss National Bank (SNB) also met today. Unlike expectations, they didn’t raise interest rates.
  • This follows a trend of central banks being cautious about rate hikes due to global economic concerns. A dovish SNB further bolsters the global market rally.

3. Reddit IPO (Uncertain Impact):

  • There’s no major news yet on the highly anticipated Reddit IPO. However, the potential for a new tech darling entering the market could be keeping some investors optimistic.

Overall Impact:

The unexpected Fed hold and dovish SNB stance are the biggest drivers of the current market rally. Investors are relieved by the lack of immediate pressure on interest rates, boosting risk appetite. The potential Reddit IPO adds a layer of speculative excitement.

Here’s a breakdown of how these events might be impacting different markets:

  • Stock Markets: Likely experiencing a broad rally due to the positive Fed and SNB decisions.
  • Bond Markets: May see a slight decline in yields as investors shift towards riskier assets like stocks.
  • Currency Markets: The US dollar might weaken slightly against other major currencies due to the Fed’s hold.

Remember: This is a simplified explanation, and other factors can also influence market movements.

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