Haryana bus tragedy : Drunk driver ignored students’ pleas to slow down, says FIR

Haryana bus tragedy


Haryana bus tragedy : According to reports, the driver was driving rashly and some parents had even complained about his drinking habit in the past

The driver of the Haryana school bus who rammed into a tree, leading to the death of six children, was under the influence of alcohol and ignored the pleas from the students to slow down.

According to reports, the driver was driving rashly and some parents had even complained about his drinking habit in the past. Haryana bus tragedy

The police have arrested at least three people after the horrifying accident, including the principal and the driver.

The driver, Dharmender, was driving rashly due to which he lost control of the bus, which rammed into a tree and overturned, police said, citing reports. Haryana bus tragedy

Police said the medical examination of the driver later confirmed that he was indeed under the influence of alcohol.

According to the FIR, the driver even ignored the requests from students to slow down the speed of the bus.

He allegedly threatened them. There was no helper on board the bus. Two of the deceased belong to the same family, PTI reported. Haryana bus tragedy

Haryana’s education minister Seema Trikha said the government has asked the school to explain why the students were called to the premises despite Thursday being a holiday due to Eid. Haryana bus tragedy

The district education officer has sent a proposal to the state government for cancelling its recognition, reported PTI.

Transport Minister Aseem Goel said the state government has ordered a probe into the incident. He also directed officials to check the fitness of all school bus

This is a disturbing story about a fatal bus accident in Haryana, India. Here’s a summary of the key points based on the information you provided: Haryana bus tragedy

  • A school bus accident occurred in Haryana.
  • An FIR (First Information Report), which is a document filed with the police in India to report a crime, alleges the driver was drunk.
  • Students on the bus reportedly pleaded with the driver to slow down, but he ignored them.
  • This suggests the driver’s actions may have significantly contributed to the accident. Haryana bus tragedy

Here are some potential next steps based on this information:

  • Investigation: The authorities will likely conduct a thorough investigation into the accident, considering the FIR and witness statements.
  • Legal Action: The driver is likely facing serious legal charges due to the accident and the allegations of drunk driving and ignoring safety concerns.
  • School Bus Safety Measures: This tragic incident might lead to stricter regulations or enforcement of existing safety measures for school buses in Haryana to prevent similar accidents in the future. Haryana bus tragedy

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