Lok Sabha elections 2024 : ‘Not an ordinary election’ PM Modi writes personalised letters to BJP, NDA candidates 

Lok Sabha elections 2024


Lok Sabha elections 2024 : Prime Minister Narendra Modi wrote a personalised letter to all BJP and National Democratic Alliance (NDA) candidates contesting in the first phase of the Lok Sabha elections on April 19

Lok Sabha elections 2024 : Prime Minister Narendra Modi on April 17 wrote personalised letters to all BJP and NDA candidates, who are contesting in the first phase of Lok Sabha elections on April 19. The 2024 Lok Sabha election will begin this Friday and end on June 1. Voting will be held in seven phases. The results will be declared on June 4.

In the letter addressed to BJP’s Tamil Nadu Chief K Annamalai, who will be fighting the upcoming polls from the Coimbatore seat, Modi wrote, “To my fellow Karyakarta. It is a pleasure to write to you on the auspicious occasion of Ram Navami…I congratulate you on your decision to leave a prestigious job and commit to serving the people directly. You have been truly instrumental in fortifying the BJP’s grassroots presence across Tamil Nadu, championing critical issues including law enforcement, governance, and youth empowerment. Coimbatore stands to gain immensely from your committed leadership.” Lok Sabha elections 2024

“With the blessings of the people, I am confident that you will reach the Parliament. Team members like you are a great asset for me. As a team, we will leave no stone unturned for the welfare of the people of the constituency and the country,” PM Modi further said in the letter. Lok Sabha elections 2024

“Through this letter, I would like to tell the people of your constituency that this is not an ordinary election. Families across India, especially the senior members, would remember the difficulties they have gone through in the 5-6 decades of Congress’ rule. In the last 10 years, the quality of life of every section of society has improved, with many of these troubles removed. Yet, a lot more is still to be done and this election will be decisive in our mission to ensure a better life for everyone,” the Prime Minister added. Lok Sabha elections 2024

“At this crucial time, I also urge you and all other workers to make full use of the last few hours of the election campaign. At the same time, I also request you to take care of your health and that of other people around you,” he told the candidates.

“As a candidate of the BJP, I urge you to convey my assurance to each voter that every moment of my time is dedicated to the welfare of my fellow citizens. I send you my wishes for your victory in the election,” he added. Lok Sabha elections 2024

The PM concluded the letter saying, “It is Modi’s guarantee Lok Sabha elections 2024


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